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Riverford’s gender pay gap report - 2017

Riverford aims to be an exceptional place to work, and this must include equal pay. Our data is significantly better than the national average but leaves us with some work to do. We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing the same job. We do, however, have more men in senior roles which creates a gender pay gap. The measures that we are taking to improve this situation are detailed later in this report.


Our results

The gender pay gap is calculated as the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women. This is shown as a mean and median and the data is from a snapshot on 5th April 2017.


Women's hourly rate

Why is there a gender pay gap?

The data shows a pay gap because we have disproportionately more men in senior management positions (as well as having more men in the workplace as a whole), as shown below. We are taking action to increase the number of women applying to work here, the number working here and the number in senior management positions.



How many men and women are in each pay quartile?


In April 2017, at the time this data was captured we had 167 female employees and 336 male employees



Gender of people receiving bonus payments



Why do we have a bonus gap?

The bonus figure in this calculation takes into account two sorts of payment: our profit share and commission.

We share 10% of our profits with all of our staff. All staff at Riverford receive an equal share which is why our median figure is at 0. The mean is a different story because we have more men in our sales teams and these are the only staff receiving commission. We do not offer performance related pay or bonuses for any other roles.



We want to ensure we attract a wide pool of talent to all levels of the business. Currently we are not seeing enough applications from females for many of our roles, not just senior management positions but at all levels. To improve this we are introducing:

  • More formal flexible working – This will enable flexibility around childcare arrangements.
  • Review of shift patterns – This ensures that we are not excluding women by the nature of some of our shift patterns and will look at whether we could introduce a range of options on shifts.
  • Leadership Programme – We want our leaders to encourage a culture that values diversity and ensure we challenge any unconscious bias that may exist within the business.
  • Recruitment – All personal information will be hidden to reduce any unconscious bias in decision making. We will be improving the training around recruitment to ensure that all hiring managers are encouraged to interview a diverse range of candidates.
  • Family friendly benefits and policies – We have recently agreed family benefits and polices. This includes improvements to maternity and paternity pay.
  • More opportunities for learning and development – We have taken on a Learning and Development professional and are offering a wide range of personal development opportunities to all. We are hoping this will also help increase the number of internal promotions.


What’s still to come?


We have made a number of changes since April 2017. Other changes we are considering:

  • Job Evaluation – to ensure we have clear pay by role and remove any unconscious bias in this area.
  • On site creche – This is one we are looking into for our staff, with the aim of encouraging applications from more female workers.


“Ensuring that Riverford is a diverse place to work is very much part of our values. We recognise that there is still more we can do to increase the number of female applications to all parts and levels of the business. In addition to reviewing our working arrangements we will continue to work on building an inclusive and diverse culture.”

Charlotte Tickle,
People Director