What we're looking for

Our business partners come from all walks of life and backgrounds so there’s no Mr, Miss or Mrs Right. There are some key attributes that are essential though, everything from basic business understanding, sales & marketing skills to the ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships.

"Riverford franchisees have a level of independence that means we feel supported and not restricted"

- Liz, Dorking & Horsham.

In fact you’ll need to be a real people person, someone who’s happy meeting all sorts of customers in all sorts of situations. Great customer service and communication is key to running a successful Riverford business.

It feels good to be investing in a company that has such a strong code of ethics and isn’t all about making more money.” 

- Jo & Phil, North Devon

You’ll need to be driven too. This can be a tough role and, although we’re here to help and support you, the day to day motivation will need to come from you. You’ll also thrive on setting and meeting growth targets, working closely in partnership with us to build a business we can both be proud of.

"You need to love the product or the business you are promoting. If you don’t subscribe to that, you can’t inspire others to feel the same way"

– Fiona, East Manchester.

Last, but by no means least, you’ll have a passion for fruit and vegetables along with an interest in all things foodie and organic (together with a few tasty uses for cauliflower up your sleeve).

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or call us on 01803 227380.

What are Riverford looking for in a partner?