The Torbay & South Hams franchise has a solid foundation, efficient delivery routes with plenty of potential to develop the customer base further.  This will be achieved through delivering a broad range of local marketing activities, leveraging the unique benefit of being located close to the Riverford farm and working closely with the award winning Field Kitchen restaurant to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The current franchisees have been running the business since 2006 and have built up a strong relationship with their customers.  Brand awareness is high and the territory has good demography and road links. Building a community around the business will also be a key factor to driving growth.

The area’s popularity as a holiday destination also means the territory benefits from increased sale revenue from tourism. The current owners have made the most of this and offer a bespoke delivery service to many holiday cottages and rentals. There is scope to develop this further.

There is also a growing foodie culture. There are an increasing number of local food events and festivals offering many marketing opportunities to engage with potential customers face to face and encourage them to shop with Riverford.

With an asking price of £135,000 and a 12-month turnover of £1,181,050 this represents an exceptional opportunity to acquire an ethical and rewarding franchise business in a fast growing business sector.

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torbay & south hams Franchise Outline

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Torbay & South Hams

Asking price: £135,000
Turnover: £1,181,050