Riverford Wicked Leeks

We’ve teamed up with Fish for Thought to add sustainable wild fish to our range. A small, family-owned business at the very heart of the Cornish fishing industry, Fish for Thought are seafood fanatics, and absolutely committed to local sourcing.

Together we are supporting local fishing communities, and delivering the tastiest fish with minimal impact to the marine environment.  

How are we doing it?

  1. We know exactly where the fish comes from and how it is caught. All fish can be traced back to individual boats; the name of the boat is shown on each pack.

  2. The fishing methods used do the least possible damage to the marine environment. The fishermen use day boats less than 10 metres long, and only line-caught fish. Line-catching is one of the least environmentally damaging methods of fishing: there is no damage to the seabed, bycatch of other species or risk of lost ‘ghost’ nets which entangle and kill marine life on reefs and in the open sea.

  3. This approach supports fishing communities. By buying from local fish markets (usually Looe in Cornwall), from under 10-meter day boats only, we aim to keep alive the skills and knowledge of small fishing communities.

  4. All this and their fish tastes top of the line! Line-caught fish offers the highest quality. Unlike nets, which are often left in the water overnight, lines are pulled up quickly, so the fish is as fresh as possible. Line-catching is also much gentler; catches can be bruised and squashed when nets are hauled up.
    After exhaustive taste tests, we have opted to ice the fish at sea. All the fish are then expertly prepared, packed and blast frozen within 24 hours. This ensures security of supply in bad weather when boats can’t get out, means that nothing is wasted, and that it arrives in peak condition.  

Riverford's fish manifesto