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recipe box FAQs


Got a question about recipe boxes? If the answer’s not here, email or call us at the farm on 01803 227227.


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Is it all organic?


All our recipes are organic and certified by the Soil Association.


Where do you source your ingredients?


All the veg is the same as we use in our award-winning organic vegboxes. We grow most of it ourselves at Riverford. Some crops with a short UK season, like peppers and tomatoes, come from our trusted growers in Europe. The meat is the same as we use in our organic meatboxes and comes from our team of small scale approved organic producers. We cut and prepare it ourselves in our own butchery. All the other ingredients are from organic producers, sourced as locally as is practical. We never airfreight any produce.


What ingredients and equipment do I need at home?


All you need is salt and pepper, oil suitable for frying and roasting (eg. sunflower or light olive oil), plus good olive oil for dressing and occasionally a splash of milk, if a small amount is needed. You can buy most of these – all organic – from us, if you like. We’ll bring all the other ingredients. You’ll also need a range of pans, a chopping board, sharp knife, veg peeler, wooden spoon and tongs/spatula. If a recipe calls for something else, we’ll list it on the website and recipe card. We assume you have a 4 ring hob, oven and grill.


Do you recycle the packaging?


Yes – we reuse and then recycle it. Please leave your box and inner insulation packaging out for us to collect. We can reuse it lots of times, which helps to keep costs and environmental impact down.


What are the recipes like?


Fresh, seasonal and inspiring, with the focus on our award-winning organic veg. The recipes are quick to cook and ideal for weeknights – most are ready in under 45 minutes. Think well balanced and nutritious, with a few treats thrown in. Our cooks come up with 9 new recipes every week, so there is always plenty of choice.


How many people do they feed?


The recipe boxes feed 2 people. Everyone’s appetite is different, but people tell us the portions are generous!


How long do they take to cook?


Most of our recipes are ready in under 45 minutes (maximum 1 hour). The recipes in the Quick Recipe box are ready in around 30 minutes.


Do I have to order 3 recipes at a time?


No. We offer a 2 recipe and 3 recipe box option. You can choose which box suits you best or switch between boxes to give you plenty of flexibility for your meals through the week.


What if I have an allergy or special dietary needs?


We list the ingredients and allergy information for every recipe on the website, so you can pick the recipes that best suit you.


I’m vegetarian/vegan – is there much choice for me?


We have a Vegetarian recipe box. We often do recipes that are suitable for vegans, but not necessarily 3 every week. We’ll look into offering more vegan recipes in the future if enough people want them.


Do I have to order a vegbox as well as a recipe box?


No. We sell all sorts of organic produce, from vegboxes and recipe boxes to meat and dairy. You can order whatever you want and swap between vegboxes, recipe boxes and individual items as often as you like. Recipe boxes tend to suit people who don’t want to plan, shop and measure ingredients. If you have a bit more time, our vegboxes are really very good!


Why can’t I choose the recipes in my box?


This helps us keep the price as affordable as possible. If you don’t fancy one of the recipes, you can always swap to one of our other recipe boxes. In fact, you can swap around between the boxes as often as you like.


How far ahead do I have to order?


You can change or place an order up to 2 days before your delivery day.


Am I tied into a contract/subscription?


No. You can have a delivery weekly, fortnightly, as a one-off or whatever suits you. And you can stop and start whenever you like.


How do I cancel?


You can cancel your order up to 2 days before your delivery day. Or if you just want to take a break (for example if you’re going on holiday or not going to be at home), you can pause your order to start again whenever you like.


What if I’m going on holiday?


You can pause your order while you’re away and start again when you get back. You can pause your order online, call us on 01803 227227 or email recipebox@riverford.co.uk and we’ll set it up for you.


Where do you deliver?


We’re starting off with limited delivery areas while we find our feet and will expand to new areas as the weeks go on. Check here to see if we deliver to your address. If we don’t yet deliver to your area, please email your details to recipebox@riverford.co.uk and we’ll let you know as soon as we do deliver there.


How much does delivery cost?


Delivery is free.


When will my box arrive?


We deliver on a set day every week, depending on your postcode. Your local Riverford vegman/lady (not a courier) will deliver between 6am and 8pm, on a ‘round’ basis to maximise efficiency and to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. If you have a regular order, you’ll notice that delivery tends to be at a similar time every week – traffic and weather permitting!


What if I’m not at home?


That’s fine – most people are out when we deliver. Just let us know where you would like us to leave your box. That could be with a neighbour, in a shed or garage, under a hedge, tucked behind a dustbin… whatever’s best for you.


Will it keep fresh on the doorstep?


Yes. We pack your ingredients in insulated packaging with ice packs to keep your chilled things cool. It will stay fresh on your doorstep while you’re out – just remember to unpack it as soon as you get home, or put the box straight in the fridge if your fridge is large enough. We give you storage tips inside the box.


How soon do I have to cook it all?


Follow the use by dates on the labels. For everything else, use within 5 days of delivery.