Frequently Asked Questions


Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we’re often asked. If you can't find the answer here, or if you'd find it easier to talk to someone, please give us a ring (numbers below). We always like to hear from you (or even to see you if you are ever near the farm).


How do I amend an order I have already placed?


Once you have logged in you will immediately see the next order that you are able to change in the basket at the righthand side of the page. To update the quantity of items already in your order use the plus “+” and minus “-” buttons. You can view and edit your regular order by clicking “Edit regular items” in the basket. You can view and edit an order for another week by clicking “Show other weeks” and choosing the delivery week that you want to change from the list of dates.


Adding to your basket


When you find an item you want to add to your basket click the “Add” button. You will see the item in your basket. Continue to add all the items you want from the shop and then click on “Confirm order” once you’ve completed your shop.


How do I know I’ve submitted an order?


If the basket at the righthand side of the shop pages shows a “Confirm changes” message then your order hasn't been submitted. Ensure that you click the “Confirm Order” button once you have finished shopping to submit your order to us.


Why am I getting more than one confirmation email when I order?


When “Confirm order” is clicked this submits your order to us. We then send an email that lists the contents of all your orders. There is no need to click on “Confirm order” each time you add an item to your basket, simply carry on adding items and only click “Confirm order” when you have finished adding to your basket.


Do I have to order every week?


You can choose have a delivery on whichever weeks suit you. To change your order you just need to let us know two days before delivery. For example if your delivery is on a Monday you need to change your order by 11:45pm on Saturday night.

Lots of customers find that alternating between two boxes suits them, eg. a large box with a fruit box one week and a fruit and veg box the next. Plus you can always top up your order with any extras that you fancy.


How often can I change my order?


As often as you like up to two days before your delivery day. For example if your delivery is on a Monday you need to place your order by 11:45pm on Saturday night. We really want you to get the order that suits you each week.

Customers generally find it better to set up a regular order (which can alternate between boxes) and then pause their order if they are away or going out a lot. We would much prefer you to swap between boxes or miss a delivery than build up an onion mountain or have cabbages taking over in the fridge.


Does my order have to include a box?


Though you may not always need to order a box, our boxes are the best value as they are full of seasonal produce, most of which we grow on our farms.

If you prefer you can build an order containing whatever you fancy from our shop. If you aren't ordering a box then there is a minimum order value of £15.


How do I plan for holidays?


If you are going on holiday you can pause your order online by 11:45pm two working days before your delivery day or by phone or email to your vegman or lady by 5pm two working days before delivery.

If you are pausing your order online, sign in to your account then choose “pause your orders”, or if you are using a mobile sign into your account, press the “< MORE” button at the bottom right of your screen and then choose “pause your orders”. You can stop all deliveries while you are away by selecting the date you are departing and the date you want your orders to resume.


Can I order a box as a gift for someone else?


Yes – and plenty more besides. The easiest way to order any of our food as a gift is to call Customer Services on 01803 227227. We will be able to tell you the day of delivery and place your order.


What is the latest I can change my order?


You can change your order online up to 11.45pm two days before your delivery. To change your order by phoning or emailing your vegman or lady we need two working days notice before your delivery day:

  • Monday delivery phone or email by Friday 5pm, online by Saturday 11.45pm
  • Tuesday delivery phone or email by Friday 5pm, online by Sunday 11.45pm
  • Wednesday delivery phone or email by Monday 5pm, online by Monday 11.45pm
  • Thursday delivery phone or email by Tuesday 5pm, online by Tuesday 11.45pm
  • Friday delivery phone or email by Wednesday 5pm, online by Wednesday 11.45pm
  • Saturday deliveryphone or email by Thursday 5pm, online by Thursday 11.45pm

Alternatively you can call or email Customer Services up to 5pm two days before your delivery day (01803 227227 or

In exceptional circumstances and at our discretion, we can cancel orders until 1pm the day before your delivery, but will charge a one-off sum on your account. This is to go towards the cost of preparing your order at the farm, which happens on the day before delivery. Charges:

  • £5 for orders up to £25 in value
  • £10 for orders £25-100 in value
  • £20 for orders over £100 in value

Because of the way we pack and deliver our boxes, we’re sorry but we can’t process requests to cancel an order received after 1pm on the day before your delivery.



where can I see box contents all on one page?


We post box contents on the website every Friday. We also email you each week, so you can check whether you would like to stay with the same box, change to another one, or add any extras. We try very hard to stick to the contents, but the unpredictable weather and nature mean we do occasionally have to change at the last minute. You can always find the latest version of all the box contents here


How can I find out the box contents?


We post box contents on the website every Friday. We also email you each week, so you can check whether you would like to stay with the same box, change to another one, or add any extras. We try very hard to stick to the contents, but the unpredictable weather and nature mean we do occasionally have to change at the last minute. You can always find the latest version of all the box contents here.


What size box is best for me?


We suggest the boxes are suitable for the number of people shown below, based on a week’s use. If you are vegetarian we recommend going up a box size.

1-2 people


2-3 people


3-4 people


Can I choose my own box contents? If I don’t like something can I swap it for something else?


Our boxes have fixed contents for a few reasons. We can get our produce to you as quickly as possible, giving you fresher veg. We can keep our prices low, so as many people as possible can afford organic veg and we can also minimise waste, as we can use everything we grow. Most importantly, it means we can keep our commitment to the farmers in our co-op who help us make the boxes varied and interesting.


Our core boxes usually contain potatoes, carrots and onions, but we also offer boxes without these staples. Contents change every week and you can swap between boxes to suit you and add any extra items you like.


Should I wash my Riverford veg?


We aim to give you great tasting, ethically produced food without impacting on the environment.


We avoid mechanical washing our vegetables as it can damage them, reducing shelf life, nutritional content and flavour. Washing is best done as close to eating as possible, so we leave this job to you.


Our philosophy on packaging is also simple - use as little as possible without compromising quality. We are a veg box scheme after all and we’d like to use nothing but the box. The fruit and salad you eat raw might sit next to some muddy veg fresh from our fields so you should wash all our produce before eating it”



Is there a delivery charge?


No, delivery is free.

Is there a minimum order value? Do I have to order a box?


If you order any of our set boxes, there is no minimum order value.

If you prefer to build your own box, there is a minimum order of £15 (without meat).

To build your own meat box, the minimum meat order is £15 (once your meat order reaches £15, you are free to add any number of non-meat products to your order).

Do I have to order every week?


You don’t have to place an order every week. You can set up a regular order to be delivered weekly or fortnightly, or you can place one-off orders as and when you like.

How do I pay?

You will be prompted to provide your payment information when completing your account set up. This card will then be used to pay for all orders that you place both now and in the future.

For your first order, payment is taken immediately. After your first order we take payment for each order the day before it is delivered.. We’ll send you a receipt by email when any payment is taken.

If you haven’t set up your payment information yet, or you want to change your payment card, please sign in to your account and click on ‘billing’.

How secure is your payment process?

To maintain the highest level of security we never have visibility of, or store, your card details.

We use a payment technology called client-side encryption to take your card details. This means that your card details are encrypted on your device before they are sent to Riverford. This encrypted data is sent to our payment provider (WorldPay) ensuring that we are never able to see your card details.

Our payment provider gives us a token which can only be used to make payments from your card to a Riverford bank account. If this token were stolen, it would be of no value to anyone else; it can only be used by Riverford to take a payment from your card.

All payments are taken automatically using this token, either when you sign-up, the night before your delivery or if a payment has failed and you are prompted by the website to pay before placing any further orders.

How can I look at my payment history?


Sign in to your account and select ‘billing’ where you can view your past payments and order history.


Is there a delivery charge?


No, delivery is free.

What time do you deliver? Do I need to be at home?


We deliver between 6am and 8pm on your delivery day.


You don’t need to be at home. In fact, more than 70% of customers are out when we deliver. Deliveries are made by your local vegman/lady (not a courier), who works on a ‘round’ basis on a set day to maximise efficiency and reduce food miles. However, if you have a regular order you’ll notice that delivery is often at a similar time each week – traffic and weather permitting!


Where will you leave my box if I’m not in?


Let your local vegman/lady know where you would like them to leave your box. We are used to all sorts of requests. This could be anything from leaving your box with a neighbour, in a shed or garage, to tucking it under a hedge, behind a dustbin or under upturned recycling boxes. We’ll also deliver to your work place if this is more convenient. If you’re an existing customer please contact your local vegman/lady, or if you are a new customer enter your work address details when you place your order for the first time.


Why don’t you deliver to all areas?


Although we are growing, we don’t cover the whole country. We have regional farms around the country to grow and deliver as locally as possible. If we don’t deliver in your area yet, please fill in the registration form and we will let you know when we start deliveries in your area. Some customers who live just outside our delivery areas have boxes delivered to their work address or to friends or family.



What should I do if my box hasn’t arrived?


We very rarely miss a delivery, so don’t panic if it is a bit later than usual. If it is very late, please ring your local vegman/lady or Customer Services on 01803 227227. We will find out what has happened and try to put it right.


I think something is missing from my order...


Occasionally we have to make a change to your box contents because of the weather or yields. So first check that we haven’t substituted an item for something else. If something is missing, please let us know and we replace it free with your next delivery.


What should I do if there is a problem with any of the produce?


We work hard to bring you fresh, high quality produce. With fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the odd thing can inevitably go wrong. We try to catch any problems and grade out anything that is substandard or doesn't have enough shelf life the staff and the cows get to eat this. If you have a problem please don't suffer in silence let us know so we can put it right by a credit or a free replacement, and investigate so it doesn't happen again.


Where do I find my receipt and newsletter?


We put newsletters in the box, and – so you can read it even on weeks when you don’t have a delivery – on our blog.

You will receive a receipt via email on the morning that your delivery is due. If you log into your account and go to the ‘Billing’ section, you can also see a list of your recent transactions, payments taken, and a breakdown of your orders.


What should I do if my account has been deactivated?


If you have not placed an order for a long time we may deactivate your account. You can have it reactivated by contacting your local vegman/lady or calling Customer Services on 01803 227227.