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What is intensive farming?

Intensive (or ‘factory’) farming is the polar opposite of organic. Whereas organic farms focus on quality, intensive farming is all about quantity: it aims for the maximum yield at the lowest cost. The methods needed to achieve this can be harmful.

Factory farms raise the largest number of animals in as small a space as the law will allow. Most people have seen images of chickens being intensively farmed: long rows of cages, crammed with an impossible number of hens. Cows, pigs and turkeys also suffer the same treatment. These animals are kept in confined spaces for their whole lives. Many are routinely given GM food, and drugs, including antibiotics, to prevent rather than treat illness. Overuse of antibiotics is believed to be a major contributor to the significant rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Intensive crop farming relies on chemicals to speed up growth and increase yields. Fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides; intensively farmed crops are treated with all of these. This pollutes the environment, as well as potentially contaminating your food.

We never use intensive farming methods. As organic farmers, respect for livestock and the land we work is at the heart of what we do. Have a look at our range of boxes for the best seasonal selections chosen by us, or browse our full range of fruit and veg or organic meat.