Riverford Wicked Leeks

At Riverford we believe in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s growing. We've made the decision not to slash our prices or give free boxes to entice new customers.

Instead everyone pays the same price – a fair price. It’s better for farmers and fairer all round.

Find out more about our quiet revolution from Riverford founder Guy Watson.

Our prices

We price our products fairly and regularly check our veg box prices against supermarket organic veg.

Our farmers

We commit to farmers’ crops and prices in advance, safeguarding small family farms from uncertainty and giving them a guaranteed market for their produce.

To find out more visit our growers and small producers page.

Gift vouchers

We do sell gift vouchers. Choose from £15, £25 and £50 to spend on our full range of organic food and drink.

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Tell your friends

We do believe in spreading the word about organic food and helping friends to live life on the veg. When you refer a friend to Riverford, we’ll give you each £15 to use towards your next order. What’s not to love?

Find out more on our recommend a friend page.