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Pimhill Organic

pimhill organic

Ginny, Richard and Ian at Pimhill Organic make our muesli, porridge and oatcakes. Their family bought the farm in Shrewsbury in 1923 and have just celebrated 60 years of organic farming.

They’ve now got a dairy herd of 220 cows and also grow wheat and oats that they sell though their mill. During the 1980s Richard and Ginny decided not to take the mill down the supermarket route so downsized it, instead supplying mainly to local shops and bakeries.

Pimhill Organic grows and packs on their farm in Shrewsbury. They were the first organic mill in the country and made the first organic muesli in the UK as well. Ginny and her husband Ian now run the farm - she is the third generation of the Mayall family to run Pimhill but her father, Richard is still very much involved as well.

Pimhill have hardly changed their traditional methods used for making organic flours and oats since they started nearly 60 years ago.