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Our mayonnaise is made in Ashburton, Devon by Mandy and Andy Johnson from Laydilay. They’ve been producing organic eggs since April 2004 with 70 mid lay hens in a small rented orchard in Buckfastleigh.

Their mayonnaise was launched in June 2009 and they supply it to us as well as a number of local farm shops. The name Laydilay came about as Mandy’s hens were proudly called ‘Ladies who Lay’. After finding out that there was a song by Bob Dylan called ‘Lay Lady Lay’, Laydilay was born.

The mayonnaise is made by hand and Laydilay rely on their ingredients to stabilise it. The final product is not pasteurised - which means they have to take extra care in production to make sure the mayonnaise is absolutely clean when it is put into jars. By not pasteurising, the mayonnaise has a lighter texture and the flavour is not compromised

In 1999, Mandy and Andy moved to the South West to manage the box barn at Riverford, giving them both the chance to see that organic farming was possible and they haven’t produced food in any other way since. They are still vegbox customers today!