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heron valley

Natasha from Heron Valley provides us with a variety of organic juices, cider, ginger beer and other soft drinks. Heron Valley is a family run company which began 25 years ago on their organic farm in Avon Valley, Devon.

Natasha’s parents began producing organic drinks as a side to farming and in 2005, as they were planning to retire, they sold the business to her. Five years later, Natasha still loves her surroundings, the simplicity of Heron Valley drinks and the honesty of taking 4lb of organic apples and pressing it to make a 75cl bottle of juice.

Heron Valley drinks have always been made with organic ingredients and Natasha’s family have always respected the environment, worked with the soil and understood the un-sustainability of farming with chemicals and fertilisers. Natasha has no plans to change that.