Riverford Wicked Leeks

Ginés Garcia

orange tree

Ginés, a farmer in Spain, is working to grow the most flavoursome oranges for your fruitbowl.

Most citrus fruit ripens in the winter, requiring cold nights to develop skin colour and flavour. Oranges maintain an appearance of freshness in cold store for months, but by the time the fruit has been picked, graded and shipped it has often been off the tree for too long and the flavour can be really disappointing; speed is key.

The Spanish citrus season started in November and goes through until May. Right now most of our oranges, lemons, clementines and satsumas are from a small group of farmers working in the hills behind Almeria. The group is headed up by Ginés Garcia who, like us, is intensely proud of his farm, the biodiversity it supports and the produce he sells. He has become a beacon for other local farmers who have converted to organic and have joined forces to market their produce.

Ginés is determined to sell only the best flavoured fruit and to get it from the tree to your doorstep as quickly as possible; as the season goes on, his fruit is noticeably developing a sweeter flavour. The current orange variety is Navel, then Navel Late in March. We’ll finish the season in May with Valencia, the sweetest and juiciest of all.

Ginés is so proud of his oranges that he has offered an invitation to Riverford customers to visit his farm. If you are passing his farm in Andalucia and would like to pluck your own lime or orange from the tree, call or email us and we will put you in touch.