Riverford Wicked Leeks

Bettina and Enrique Scholtz, Agro Roca

Enrique Sholtz

Our Argentinian apples are grown by Bettina and Enrique Scholz, in their river valley orchards in the Rio Negro province. The climate is sunny and dry, but the river provides all the necessary water; it comes straight from the glaciers in the High Andes.

Enrique is a trained entomologist and was one of the pioneers of organic farming in Argentina. He is a staunch believer of farming with nature instead of against it. He says, “Organic farming is like a sailing boat, while conventional farming is like a motorboat. Both boats will take you somewhere, but they require a different approach. Sailing requires knowledge of the environment. You must understand aerodynamics, the wind, the weather and the seasons, if you want to make progress. With a motorboat ... you just give more gas.“

The organic practices used by Bettina and Enrique support natural biodiversity and as an entomologist, Enrique enjoys spending time in his “little paradise” to observe bees, wasps, caterpillars, butterflies and much more. Using compost increases the number of micro-organisms, earthworms, spiders and all kinds of insects in the soil too, so he has no shortage of creatures to observe!