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Riverford’s Fairtrade Fruit

Having experienced what it is like to be involved in an unfair farmer-to-consumer chain ourselves (thanks to dealings with unscrupulous supermarket buyers in the past), here at Riverford we do our best to ensure that everyone we work with gets treated fairly.

This is simple enough with our growers close to home, but the complexities of transporting exotic fruit from abroad can make exploitation easier to hide. We visited both our pineapple growers in West Africa and our banana growers in the Caribbean to see for ourselves where our fruit comes from.

Organic pineapples

Riverford founder Guy Watson visits Togo to find out more about what Fairtrade really means.

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Organic bananas

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Riverford bananas are grown by a co-operative of small scale farmers in the Dominican Republic.

In the same way that our co-operative of growers here in the UK shares equipment and growing know-how, so the farmers in the Banelino co-op band together to compete with the privately owned plantations. We choose to buy from them as it ensures that a fair share of the profit goes back to the people who grow the fruit.