Location: Buckfastleigh
Contract: Permanent - Full Time
Hours: 40 hours per week
Salary: up to £42,500 per annum

Lead Test Engineer

Department: IT
Closing date:

Your role will see you at the centre of several major projects. These projects pave the way for expansion at Riverford in the coming years, and are vital to our success going forward.

We are about to start deployment of a brand-new delivery and logistics system for Riverford. Your role will be to work closely with our supplier to ensure that the quality meets our expectations and to verify the new system in field conditions.

Riverford continues to invest in automation projects to improve our ability to scale as a business. You will be involved in the testing and deployment of the software that drives our production line. This critical system allows us to pick and pack tens of thousands of items per day, and in the lead up to Christmas runs non-stop for more than 100 hours continuously.

Further responsibilities include testing the integrations with our production, finance and delivery systems, co-ordinating work with the software engineering team, and verifying the output from our business intelligence development team.

This is a permanent contract, 40 hours a week. Based at Wash Barn, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0JU.


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