Riverford Wicked Leeks

a wintry summary

2010 has been a good growing year and a good year for vegboxes.
It started cold and icy, making deliveries difficult, but the veg held up well in the
fields. We had a wonderfully dry and bright spring, allowing all the early planting
to be done on time. We also filled some of the hungry gap of April and May with
the first commercial crops from our farm in France; I am hopeful that it will turn
a profit next year. Back in the UK, a very dry start to the summer kept us busy
irrigating. Fortunately for us, if not for those on holiday, July and August brought
plenty of rain for all those leeks, cauliflower and cabbages. The autumn has again
been generally bright, allowing harvesting in good conditions. Even the sprouts
have done well.

For two years now we have been on a mission to prove that seasonal vegetables
aren’t dull. In Devon the Field Kitchen continues to win awards and rapturous
praise so we thought we would bring it to those of you too distant to visit the Devon
farm. In June we went on the road with a huge yurt and a tent-dwelling team of
chefs, waiters, washer-uppers and camp followers. Over four months in eight sites,
the team served wonderful food to 10,000 people and almost invariably made them
very happy.

Finally, over the year, between you and our staff, we have raised about £15,000 for
Send A Cow. We like the charity for their practical solutions to helping communities
create a sustainable future, through producing their own food. Of the total, £10,000
is from our refer a friend activity, where you recommended others to try a vegbox.
It was heartening to see that most of you opted to donate rather than have £10
added to your account when given the choice.

Guy Watson