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Wet garlic

wɛt ˈgɑːlɪk Allium sativum

Milder and sweeter than dried garlic, this is young garlic harvested fresh from the fields. You can use the whole thing - bulb, stalk and all. It looks a bit like a small leek.

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In the kitchen


Keep it in the fridge. It will stay fresh in the salad drawer for a week or two.

Prep & Cooking tips

It can be used in its entirety, stem and all. Only peel it if the outer layer seems dry. Remove the root tip and cut the bulb and stem in half, lengthways. Slice each half crossways as thinly as possible.
Wet garlic is milder and sweeter than mature garlic so you can add plenty of it to a dish. Think of it as a garlicky spring onion.
Try chopping it into salads, dressings, marinades, salsa, stir-fries or stirring into mashed potato and scrambled egg.

Easy ideas

1. Simple

It takes very little time to cook - add it towards the end of cooking for a mild and sweet garlicky finish. Try this recipe for potatoes, summer greens, wet garlic and chervil.

2. Raw

Slice as thinly as you can and add (cautiously) to salsas, salads or coleslaw for something a bit more pungent.

Goes well with

Fresh herbs
Mediterranean and Asian cuisine
Most meat and fish
Nearly all veg

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