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Solanum lycopersicum

We choose our organic tomatoes for flavour, trialling, testing and tasting until we find the best varieties. They’re sweet, deeply flavoured and bursting with juice.

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In the kitchen


Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking. Best kept out of the fridge and on a cool veg rack. Very ripe ones can go in the fridge but bring them to room temperature before eating for the best flavour.

Prep & Cooking tips

Unless your knife is very sharp, it's easiest to use a serrated knife for slicing. To skin them, cut a shallow cross into the top and blanch in boiling water for 30 seconds. Drop into cold water and peel the loosened skins away with ease.

At their peak it seems a shame to do more than eat them raw, sliced and simply dressed or as part of a salad of complementary bedfellows. They’ll sweeten and blister in a hot oven or will collapse into a mellow sauce if sautéed with a little onion and garlic.

Easy ideas

  1. Breakfast Not the grilled tomato on the Full English but rather the Spanish snack pan con tomate. Toast a slice of good bread and rub it vigorously with a cut clove of garlic. Do the same with half a ripe tomato, rubbing until all you have left is the skin. Sprinkle over salt and olive oil, scoff with strong coffee.

  2. Lunch At their peak, it’s a shame to put them in anything other than a simple sliced tomato salad. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt is really all you need. Needless to say, torn basil and ragged clouds of creamy mozzarella are classic additions.

  3. Dinner They can be cooked down into rich sauces and stews but also make a wonderful gratin, thinly sliced, seasoned with salt, pepper and oil, and alternated with layers of sliced courgette. Bake for 30 mins before topping with parmesan and breadcrumbs for a further 15 mins.

Goes well with

Spices (Anise, Chilli, Cinnamon, Cloves)

Cheese (Feta, Gruyere, Mozzarella)

Herbs (Basil, Coriander, Mint, Oregano, Tarragon, Thyme)






Olives and olive oil


Tomato recipes

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In the field


Our season lasts from June to mid September though using cold tunnels we can sometimes extend the season to mid October.


  • Picture of Baby plum tomatoes

    Baby plum tomatoes

    These red baby plum tomatoes smell irresistible and taste sweet, juicy and full of sunshine.

  • Picture of Black Pearl tomatoes

    Black Pearl tomatoes

    Combine a handsome ribbed shape with a striking variegated red/green colour, blushing to an almost purple tinge as they ripen. Don’t wait for them to turn completely; they ripen from the inside out, so will remain slightly green on the outside even at their ripest. They are thick fleshed, with a good balance of sweet and sharp flavour.

  • Picture of Cherry tomatoes

    Cherry tomatoes

    Sweet, juicy and full of flavour - pop them like sweets, slice them through salads with just the lightest of seasoning or slow cook in a low oven (100˚C or lower) until half dried and intensely flavoured. You can store in olive oil for a few weeks if well covered.

  • Picture of Marmande tomatoes

    Marmande tomatoes

    A juicy, refreshing beefsteak variety, with a crisp, almost melon-like flavour and few seeds. They ripen from the inside out remaining slightly green on the outside even at their ripest.

  • Picture of Otello tomatoes

    Otello tomatoes

    A Spanish crossover variety combining the chunkiness of a beef tomato with the sweet, fragrant flavour of a traditional tomato. Their handsome ribbed forms have an unusual dark, almost chocolatey tinge.

  • Picture of Rebellion tomatoes

    Rebellion tomatoes

    Succulent, smooth-skinned Rebellion tomatoes with a handsome ribbed shape – good and chunky, just right for stuffing.

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