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Padron pepper

Capsicum annuum

Padrons are small green peppers, commonly served as a bar snack in Spain. Sweet and smoky tasting, most are mild, but every now and then you'll bite into a wickedly hot one. Grown on our French farm all through the summer.

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In the kitchen


Store them like regular peppers; keep them in the fridge in the bag they came in and use within a week.

Prep & Cooking tips

Give them a quick wash before using and that's it. They are most often cooked whole, either roasted or fried in a pan until blistered and soft. Sprinkle with sea salt and wolf down in the company of a frosty beer. Some are hot, some are not! Appearance is no help at all; the only way to tell is to take a bite.

They can be sliced and added to dishes and would make a great addition to pizza toppings or fajita fillings. If you want to get fiddly you could stuff and bake them; some crumbled and fried chorizo would be fitting.

Easy ideas

  1. Simple Heat a splash of oil and fry them whole until deeply blistered. Sprinkle with sea salt for a fine snack. Keep a cool beer close at hand to soothe the sting of the wickedly hot ones.

  2. Stuffed If you’ve got a bit more time, they’re also excellent stuffed. Try this recipe for stuffed padron peppers with red pepper and tomato dip.

Goes well with

Cheese (Goat’s cheese, Feta)

Coarse sea salt

Olive oil

Smoked paprika



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