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Agaricus bisporus

Grown in the dark, earthy and savoury, mushrooms add a special depth and heartiness to your dishes.

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In the kitchen


Store in the fridge and aim to eat them within a few days. We usually deliver ours in paper punnets, so you shouldn’t end up with the slimy mess that can arise with mass-produced mushrooms in plastic.

Prep & Cooking tips

To prepare mushrooms, wipe them clean with some damp kitchen roll or a clean cloth. Washing under the tap can make them go slimy. There’s no need to peel off the skins or discard the stalks – just leave them whole, dice or chop and you’re good to go.

Roast, grill or fry. Add to pasta sauces, stir-fries, risottos or soups. Mushrooms tend to fare better when cooked fast on a high heat. They contain a lot of water so a low heat and/or overcrowded pan can make them pale, stewed and slimy. A hot wok or fierce oven can produce a nice golden colour that adds to their natural umami flavours. They love a little butter or cream, and a cautious squeeze of lemon will give them a huge lift.

Easy ideas

  1. Quick For an easy dinner, grab a hot pan, a dab of butter, some crushed garlic, throw in your sliced mushrooms and let sizzle. Fold in a few fresh herbs if you have them and serve piping hot on thick toast with a squeeze of lemon.

  2. Grilled Portobellos An ideal vehicle for creamy poached eggs. Eat with a pile of just-wilted spinach for a breakfast or a quick dinner. If you’ve got time, try this with a handful of juicy roasted cherry tomatoes.

Goes well with

Dairy (Butter, Cream, Cheese - in almost all its forms)

Earthy spices (Cumin, Nutmeg, Carraway, Black pepper)

Herbs (Rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, dill, chervil. Chives and coriander make a perfect garnish.)

Nuts (Hazelnuts, Walnuts)

Eggs - fried, scrambled, poached


Garlic and onions





Asian flavourings (Miso, soy, chilli)



Mushroom recipes

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  • Picture of Hen of the Woods

    Hen of the Woods

    A variety that traditionally grows wild in clusters at the base of trees. Earthy, sweet, and distinctly truffle-like. Hen of the Woods mushrooms are best cooked and served simply, to allow their excellent texture and flavour to speak for themselves. Slice and pan fry, then serve on toast or use to finish a pasta or risotto.

  • Picture of Chestnut mushrooms

    Chestnut mushrooms

    Tasty, small Chestnut mushrooms have a full, earthy flavour. They won’t shrink down too much as you cook them either – these proud veggies hold their shape.

  • Picture of Portobello


    Handsome and hardy, with a firm, meaty texture and a fantastic earthy flavour. Portobellos come into their own baked or grilled and make a perfect alternative to burgers - just brush with oil, then grill or barbecue. Great for stuffing too.

  • Picture of Shiitake mushrooms

    Shiitake mushrooms

    Add distinctive, earthy, autumnal depth to your cooking. Their flavour makes a good pairing with the richness of venison or beef, and their meaty, velvety texture brings bite to stir-fries and casseroles alike.

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