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Brassica oleracea var. italica

Juicy, tender organic broccoli (calabrese is its traditional Italian name). We grow this veg which is well adapted for our climate from August to November. Before our season begins, it comes from growers we know in Italy and Spain.

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In the kitchen


Store in the fridge and it will be good for about a week. It should still taste good if it’s a little floppy.

Prep & Cooking tips

Wash then slice into equal-sized florets. Don’t waste the stalk - it’s super sweet and full of goodness.

Boil, steam, or roast. Toss through pasta, add to curries and stir-fries. Grate and add raw broccoli to salads.

Easy ideas

  1. Use the stalks Too often overlooked and discarded and just as tasty as the florets. The stalk can be cut into matchsticks and added to stir-fries or makes a great base for a quick broccoli and stilton soup, leaving the florets free for another dish. It is good practise to cut the florets with a generous tail of stalk attached, trim it pencil-thick and it should cook at the same speed as the floret.

  2. Roast You needn’t always boil and steam. Cut into bite sized florets, with a generous length of stalk attached. Throw together with oil, salt and pepper on a roasting tray. Slide into a hot oven and roast for 8-10 mins until the florets are just starting to colour. Try finishing with some dried chilli flakes and shaved parmesan.

  3. Cheesy calabrese Substitute broccoli for cauliflower in a classic cauliflower cheese, or have the best of both worlds and use half-half. Lace with a nose-tickling dab of mustard, top with breadcrumbs for a crispy gilding or consider adding some blue cheese for a more potent repast.

Goes well with

Asian flavours (Sesame, Soy sauce, Ginger)

Mediterranean flavours (Garlic, Olives, Lemon, Orange, Chilli)

Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pine nuts, Parmesan)

Pork (Bacon, Pancetta, Lardons, Dried or cured ham)


Blue cheese



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  • Picture of Tenderstem broccoli

    Tenderstem broccoli

    Tenderstem broccoli has a more delicate taste than ordinary broccoli – it is more like asparagus in flavour, and quick to prepare and cook.

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