Riverford Wicked Leeks

a new design

As part of ongoing developments here, we have slightly redesigned 'this week's box' along with the extras list so that it's all part of the same thing. which means the paper work is all in one place for you to pick out of your box once a month. We also don't feel we are doing our extras the justice they deserve, where previously just a list, I thought it was about time I told you a bit about our suppliers and the extra products we can offer you to have with your weekly vegbox. The procedure is much the same as before, except this time just tear off the extras list, fill it in and hand back to your local distributor when you get your next delivery. We have also made sure you can still keep hold of the weekly newsletter by adding a perforation so you can tear off, keep and file as I know so many of you do.

Field Kitchen.

As you probably know by now, our first farm tour with lunch is happening on Saturday 4th September. The final stages of the build are well underway, and we are happy with how it is all coming together. Guy has been very hands on with this project, which has been rewarding and hard work all rolled into one. The building slots into the landscape perfectly and as you walk from the car park you catch your first glimpses of the uniquely designed roof. We hope you like it. We want our box box customers to be the first to enjoy this new element to our guided tours. You will be able to come down to the farm, have a guided tour with tractor and trailer, pick something from one of the fields and have a wonderful lunch prepared by Jane Baxter, the Riverford Field Kitchen Chef, it will be quite an informal affair. The farm tour starts at 11am, and you will need to book by Friday 2nd September before 3pm. Please call Joanna on 0845 600 2311, or book online at www.riverford.co.uk. The cost for box scheme customers is