Riverford Wicked Leeks

a good haul

We have been blessed with a spell of dry bright weather and, with night time temperatures holding up well, the last of the frost-tender crops like sweetcorn, fennel, celery and most of the squash and pumpkins look as if they will just limp to maturity. The boxes are bountiful and mostly from our co-op growers, with a few necessary exceptions such as oranges and bananas.

With all the potatoes safely in store we are starting to harvest the first carrots for winter storage. The carrots are one crop that has thrived though a wet summer. If the current dry weather continues through harvest it will have been a near-perfect year for this crop at least. Through the summer all the carrots for the boxes have been lifted by hand and bunched because our main summer variety Junior (selected for its unbeatable flavour) is so brittle that too many break if harvested mechanically. As we move onto the more robust winter varieties it is time to dust off the tops lifter; a wonderful testament to human ingenuity as it grips the carrots