Riverford Wicked Leeks

wishing you comfort and joy

We had a hiccup with the newsletters this week; not for the first time, one of my less conventional ideas went a little wrong when i miss estimated the shelf life of a chilli. the whole lot; chilli, rosemary, thyme along with the origami folded card ended up as compost. 

Apart from wishing you all a fabulous Christmas the gift was intended to thank you, on behalf of our growers, staff and veg deliverers for your continuing support.  In the fields 2012 truly was our annus horribilis. 

Otherwise 2012 marked 25 years of organic growing at Riverford, fifteen years ofcooperation with South Devon organic producers and my second triumph as the bbc farmer of the year. Best of all,Through the rain and the mud, the crop failures and the weeds, i have never seen so many smiles or experienced such harmony and shared purpose. I have never been prouder of riverford or more confident of our future. "We" most  definitly includes you as our customers.

Together we can change the world and enjoy ourselves doing it

Wishing you tidings of comfort and joy from us all at Riverford