Riverford Wicked Leeks


Monday 30th January 2012

It's still warm, but growth around the farms has slowed down enough to give time for pruning fruit, planting some trees, tidying up and even thinking a bit about where to go from here. Most effort goes on trying to better what we currently do, through small improvements. Itís worth spending some time trying something new. Last weekend I was... continued

Friday 20th January 2012

We’ve had ten days of easterly winds, bringing us dry and bright days, some sharp frosts and finally a very welcome cessation of growth, perhaps giving us a chance to catch up. We have some wonderful winter crops but with many of them four to six weeks ahead of schedule, we’re buried in greenery. The worry is that we’ll be... continued

Thursday 5th January 2012

Down on the coast here in Devon a few gale-beaten and confused primroses are already in flower, along with the first daffodils; the snowdrops seem to have a more reliable clock though, and are holding back. The soil is so warm we we'd even consider planting a few early potatoes on the most favoured ground in west Cornwall, if the... continued

Wednesday 28th December 2011

I hope you are well-fed, well-rested and full of resolve to eat well and save the world in 2012. As well as all that, my resolution is not to be such a miserable bugger and be more upbeat about the farm, the business, all things organic and the world in general. This is, in part, inspired by the very appreciative... continued