Riverford Wicked Leeks


Friday 26th April 2013

I have found my dream crop; now all I have to do is persuade you to eat it. Most commercial fruit and veg varieties have been bred over many generations for uniformity, yield, earliness and cosmetic appearance. In the process they have lost the ability to look after themselves, needing to be mollycoddled with irrigation and constant weeding and, for... continued

Friday 26th April 2013

After a month of picking sweetcorn and tomatillos on our farm in France, I am back in Devon and wondering why. It’s still raining but everyone seems remarkably cheery and no-one seems to have missed me; slightly disturbing to the ego but I’ll put it down to my management skills. You all seem to be buying a lot of veg... continued

Friday 26th April 2013

When I converted the first of my father’s fields to organic in 1986, my motivations were primarily to avoid the agrochemicals that put my brother in hospital and made me ill as a teenager, and also a sense that it offered me a better chance of making some money. Over 25 years my commitment has grown; organic farming is much... continued

Friday 3rd August 2012

It is said that the difference between a good and a bad farmer is a week; timing is critical. While pulling three-foot-high fat hen, redshank and nightshade weeds from a crop of flageolet beans on our farm in France this morning, I had cause to reflect on this. Weeding a week earlier would have halved the work and doubled the... continued