Riverford Wicked Leeks


Thursday 22nd December 2011

This time last year our harvesters were fighting the snow and frost to get our winter veg in from the fields. The ground and the crops were frozen solid, and the team was having to unearth cabbages from the snow before they could even cut them. This year both the autumn and early winter have been incredibly mild in comparison.... continued

Thursday 22nd December 2011

The year started very badly, but ended very well for us. My boys loved snowboarding behind the Landrover in snow so deep that they flew over the cabbages, but for me it was a different story. The coldest January in my 25 years as a grower wiped out many crops and set others back by months. In an attempt to... continued

Thursday 8th December 2011

Good food, good farming and good business is what we are about at Riverford; it took hours of navel gazing to come up with, but I think it sums us up pretty well. We also feel strongly that our boxes should be affordable to everyone, so from the beginning we’ve worked hard to keep our prices down, but without compromising... continued

Thursday 1st December 2011

I’m back on our farm in the French Vendée, where despite the mild autumn with peppers and chillies cropping right through November, we’ve made a thumping loss for the second year. Only around 60% of our crops performed as expected; we just made too many avoidable mistakes. Remarkably the bank still seems pretty relaxed. In England, where we have 25... continued

Thursday 1st December 2011

This time last year we were experiencing temperatures as low as -15˚C and our crops were under a foot and a half of snow. We could barely make our way around the farm and the veg we’d spent all year nurturing was frozen into the ground. 2011 is a different picture to say the least; it’s now the beginning of... continued

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Christmas is coming! Well it is December so you can’t say I’m jumping the gun, and it sounds so much better than ‘winter is upon us’. It’s time for a farm update so let’s talk about the seasonal vegetables first, all those lovely muddy roots. Swede, celeriac, carrots, parsnips and beetroot are coming in from the fields and cold stores... continued