Riverford Wicked Leeks


Thursday 25th August 2011

If pappy, identikit supermarket fruit has left you despairing of apples, now is the time to unearth the character and flavour of apples with real pedigree. We've already had the first crop of Discovery apples (signalling the start of the English apple season), with more varieties to follow which will be at their sweet-scented best as we move into autumn.... continued

Thursday 18th August 2011

I read today that Tesco have decided to stop using degradable plastic bags because they are bad for the environment. This accords with our research four years ago and I only wonder why it has taken Tesco so long to reach this conclusion, or rather to act on it. The same argument applies to biodiesels (excepting those made from waste... continued

Thursday 11th August 2011

My ageing bus has chugged south from the Womad Festival to our farm in the Vendée near La Rochelle. Last week I was surrounded by tents and relentless drumming while doing cooking demos; now I am parked by our lake with dusk visits from snorting wild boar and the occasional deer thinking about melons. It should have been idyllic. After... continued

Thursday 11th August 2011

We’ve been hit by a bit of a mystery here on the farm - almost six acres of swedes have vanished from under our noses. As farm manager here at Sacrewell, and having worked in agriculture since 1988, I’ve seen a fair amount of peculiar goings-on, but this has got to count among the most baffling! We planted the swede... continued

Thursday 11th August 2011

Ever had runner bean ratatouille? Well now’s your chance, and you can make it especially local right now as we have Hampshire runners, and for the first time, Hampshire dried garlic from our grower Mike Fisher, not to mention our local tomatoes (recipe opposite). You may remember from my last newsletter that this is the first time we have successfully... continued

Thursday 4th August 2011

Yesterday I was chastised by an irate Jamaican for putting scotch bonnet chillies in my salsa that were destined for his salt fish and yam stew. This week’s newsletter is being tapped out in my increasingly decrepit 1973 converted bus at the 2011 WOMAD festival, where for four years we've sponsored the Taste the World stage. Here, after performing on... continued

Thursday 28th July 2011

After all that beany greenness, the arrival of summer-yellow sweetcorn in the vegboxes signals a new phase of crops coming in from the fields, and the flurry of culinary creativity that ensues. As veggies go, sweetcorn has few enemies. Humbly boiled they are the ultimate lazy man’s veg, needing no more than a smear of butter. Thrown into a fritter... continued