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organic sweetcorn

this week's seasonal organic produce

The Riverford box scheme began when Guy Watson started delivering vegetables locally to 30 friends in Devon. All our veg is grown for flavour, below is a selection of the seasonal organic fruit, veg, and meat that are available for delivery.

organic raspberries

ravishing raspberries

Plump and juicy with an
intense sweet sharpness.

£ 3.45
Raspberries 150g
organic recipe boxes

recipe boxes

Everything you need for 3 organic home-cooked meals.

organic unsalted butter

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Brue valley unsalted butter 250g
£ 1.95

Award-winning organic unsalted butter made with 100% sweet organic cream from pasture fed cows. Takes baking to another level.

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organic cape gooseberries

caped crusaders

Cape gooseberries 150g
£ 2.95

Add an exotic twist to desserts, salads and fruit preserves with our beautiful organic cape gooseberries. Paper lantern skins hide small orange fruits with a delicate sweet-sour taste. Dip in chocolate for after-dinner wow factor!

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organic BBQ boxes

bbq meat boxes

Make the most of summer with one of our organic bbq boxes, packed with quick and easy sausages, burgers, chicken, chops and steaks. Prepared in our butchery using organic, free-range meat. Succulent, full of flavour and great value.

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huitlacoche risotto

tuesday 19th august 2014

huitlacoche quesadillas

tuesday 19th august 2014

chunky tomato & courgette pasta bowl

monday 18th august 2014

runner beany herb linguine

tuesday 5th august 2014