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succulent sweetcorn

Sweet and juicy new season organic sweetcorn fresh from our French farm. eat barbecued, boiled or roasted with a knob of butter. find out more

Sweetcorn on the cob x2
£ 2.75

BBQs wrapped up

organic bbq

A selection of organic BBQ meatboxes, halloumi, fresh veg and salads, plus drinks. All you need for the best BBQ ever.

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seasonal salad leaves

organic salad leaves

Create exciting salads using this mix of freshly picked organic salad leaves. Homegrown, full of flavour and a million miles away from the soggy bagged leaves in the supermarkets.

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Mixed salad leaves 150g
£ 2.65

free fresh mint

Order an organic lamb joint and we’ll throw in some lovely, fresh mint to create your own proper mint sauce. If you have any left over, add it to a salad (or your Pimms!).

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organic lamb

cool ginger beer

Luscombe’s refreshing organic cool ginger beer will slake the meanest of thirsts. Made with milled root ginger and Sicilian lemons for a subtle spiced flavour. Don’t miss this special offer! find out more

Cool ginger beer 32cl
£ 1.25

organic ginger beer