organic new potatoes

Live life on the veg

We’re mad about veg – it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve been growing it since 1987 and offer all sorts of veg, fruit, grass fed organic meat and more, fresh from our farm, delivered free to your door. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Come and live life on the veg with us.

organic asparagus

English asparagus

Freshly picked – the homegrown crop is in full swing.

UK Asparagus 250g
organic mini watermelon

Mini watermelon

A more intense flavour – and easier to fit in the fridge!

Mini watermelon
organic strawberries

Homegrown strawberries

Strawberries 300g

Strawberry season is here. Sweet, juicy berries with fantastic flavour.

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organic recipe boxes

Organic recipe boxes

vegetarian - 3 meals

Cook from scratch without the fuss. All the ingredients and step by step recipes for homemade organic meals.

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organic pork & apple sausages

Pork & apple sausages

6 x Pork & herb sausages 400g

Proper British bangers from the Riverford butchery. Brilliant for the BBQ.

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With the welcome arrival of asparagus, spring greens, kohlrabi and other spring veg, our Spring and Summer cook book may come in handy. What is it? What should I do with it? This book will help you to get to grips with seasonal veg cooking, and see you through a summer of veg boxes.