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organic romanesco

fresh from our fields this week

We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987 and offer a whole range of veg, fruit, meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Choose from the pick of this week’s crops, grown for flavour.

organic romanesco

gorgeous green satsumas

Green-skinned with ripe orange
flesh. Bursting with juice.

£ 3.25
Green satsumas 1kg
organic calabrese broccoli

crisp calabrese broccoli

Beautifully mild and tender.
Stir fry, steam or roast.

£ 2.35
Calabrese broccoli 500g
organic black kale

black kale

Cavolo nero (black kale) 2 heads
£ 1.85

Organic black kale (cavolo nero) grown on our farm. Deep-veined, inky green leaves add rich flavour and texture to hearty soups and stews.

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squash box

scrumptious squash

Squash box
£ 8.95

Squash season is here! This great value box gives at least 3 different types to sample. Cut into wedges, toss in seasoned oil and roast for buttery, golden flesh. With a long shelf-life, these colourful beauties also look good on display!

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pork leg joint

cracking crackling

Rolled and boned leg of pork 1.3kg
£ 18.95

Our organic pork leg joint is an excellent roasting joint with sweet, succulent meat and mouthwatering crispy crackling. Serve with seasonal veg and a dollop of homemade apple sauce for the best Sunday lunch.

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