Riverford Recipe iPhone App

The free Riverford recipe app is here, with over 770 searchable recipes inspired by our Field Kitchen restaurant and the recipes we write for our organic vegboxes. Download a copy below. 

Riverford iPhone App

how do I use it?

Scroll through and select your veg, using our veg machine, for example, you may have butternut squash and tomatoes. Click 'results' and you'll be taken through to a list of recipes that match the vegetables you have.

Alternatively, you can search or scroll through over 700 recipes. Search by ingredient, cuisine, season or eating occasion.

You can store recipes whilst using them by adding them to your favourites.

  • find a recipe for the veg you've got
  • 774 recipes tested by our customers
  • veg storage and preparation info
  • save your favourite recipes
  • search by veg or by recipe
  • free!

download the Riverford iPhone app
Or search for Riverford in the App Store

For the best result, make sure you have the latest IOS version.


Will there be an Android version?
Potentially, if the iPhone version is successful we will port it over to Android.

Why don't the images show on the veg machine?
There was an issue with iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.3.3, we have developed a fix which Apple has now released. Re-download and it should work.

Will it work on my iPad?
Yes, although those running iOS 4.3.3 will have the issue above.  Upgrading to iOS 5 will solve the problem.

Will there be a version that allows me to shop online?
We don’t currently have any plans for this but we are looking at how well our site works on phones and tablets.