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Monday 11th January 2016

In much of the UK we are blessed with a moist, temperate climate and good soils, making farming relatively easy compared to the more extreme climates of the world. Farming evolves with decades of experimentation and observation, based on assumptions about the weather and its implications for crops, varieties, soil... continued

Tuesday 5th January 2016

We are picking savoy cabbage scheduled for February, purple sprouting broccoli that shouldn’t have ‘headed’ for another two months, while struggling to get through a surge of leeks that should have kept us busy through the new year. With just one frost so far, it has been too mild for... continued

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Happy New Year. With the festivities over, we hope you return to routine life well fed, well rested and full of good intentions to eat more vegetables. Meat and five veg is so last century; we are on a mission to make it ten or even 20; good for our... continued

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Taken as a whole, 2015 has treated us well. A bright and dry, if cool, spring allowed us to plant in good conditions, and though crops were slow to get away in the cold, all was well as we entered summer. The persistent dampness of late summer brought a spate... continued

Tuesday 1st December 2015

It was reported last month that bacteria resistant to Colistin had been found in humans, pigs and pig meat in China. Colistin is the antibiotic of last resort, used against bacterial infections resistant to all others, and the source of the resistance is thought to be intensive factory farms. Penicillin... continued

Monday 30th November 2015

In one of our north-west facing fields, sunset shadows occasionally reveal the haphazard ridge and furrow lines left from when I made a mess of ploughing it as a teenager. Laying out straight, parallel ‘lands’ (sections) for ploughing and cultivating a field have been a mark of a horseman’s and... continued

our farms

Riverford has four farms across the UK which are located in Devon, Hampshire, Peterborough and Yorkshire. Your nearest farm will work with local growers each week to fill your boxes.