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organic runner beans
Runner beans 500g
£ 2.75

homegrown spinach

Add leafy green goodness to your dishes with our organic spinach. find out more

Spinach 350g
£ 2.25

succulent sweetcorn

organic sweetcorn

Super-sweet organic sweetcorn. Serve dripping with butter.
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Sweetcorn on the cob x2
£ 2.75


ravishing raspberries

organic raspberries

Firm, plump and juicy organic raspberries – a fantastic quality crop. Fold through thick double cream and sweet, crunchy meringue to set them off just right.

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Raspberries 150g
£ 3.45

rhubarb returns

Don’t miss this second crop of blushing pink organic rhubarb Cook down into compote, swirl through yogurt or serve with ice cream.

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Rhubarb 500g
£ 2.45

organic rhubarb returns

whole duck

A great alternative to chicken, with temptingly crisp skin and rich meat. Our ducks are slow-grown, organic and free range, for succulent meat that’s full of flavour.find out more

Whole duck 2.6kg
£ 25.95

organic duck