Organic cherry tomatoes

Live life on the veg

We’re mad about veg – it’s at the core of everything we do. We’ve been growing it since 1987 and offer all sorts of veg, fruit, grass fed organic meat and more, fresh from our farm, delivered free to your door. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Come and live life on the veg with us.

Organic Eggs

Organic eggs

Happy hens lay better eggs.
Fresh and full of flavour

Organic free range eggs mixed x6
Organic padron peppers

Padron peppers

Punchy little peppers from our farm in France.

Padron peppers 200g
Vegetarian recipe boxes
Organic runner beans
Organic pork sausages

Head over to our new recipe channel on YouTube to see get to grips with the green stuff and make veg the star of your table. It's been a busy few months filming on the farm with our in-house cooks and team of veg experts, and you can now watch the first of many veg-centric videos to come. We want our 'veg nerd' channel to be the go-to place for veg tips, how-to videos and seasonal recipes. Subscribe to the channel to make sure you never miss a (veg) trick. Visit our channel.