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fresh from our fields this week

We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987 and offer a whole range of veg, fruit, meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Choose from the pick of this week’s crops, grown for flavour.

organic calabrese broccoli

calabrese broccoli

Simply steam and drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil.

Calabrese broccoli 500g
organic jerusalem artichokes

jerusalem artichokes

Knobbly little roots with a mushroomy flavour. Stew, soup, mash and more.

Jerusalem artichokes 1kg
organic pineapples

fairtrade pineapples


Bring a tropical twist to salads, baking, puddings and savoury dishes with our sweet and juicy organic pineapples. Supplied by fairtrade farmers in Togo, Guy has visited to see them being grown.

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organic Moro blood oranges

half-blood oranges

Blood oranges 1kg

Sweet and juicy Moro oranges, with a hint of raspberry and a zesty kick. Add to juices, salads, sorbets, cakes and marmalade – or eat alone as a sweet treat.

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organic meat and veg boxes

weekly meat & veg sorted

Take the hassle out of shopping with a mixed organic meat & vegbox. Choose a size to suit, then sit back and wait for your free delivery.

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