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currant affairs

organic blackcurrants

Tart and juicy homegrown organic blackcurrants, ready now.

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Blackcurrants 125g
£ 2.45

sun-ripened tomatoes

organic tomatoes

Sweet, sun-ripened organic tomatoes. Grown for flavour.

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Tomatoes 480g
£ 2.60

make your own salsa

organic tomatillo salsa kit

It’s time to get saucy with our organic tomatillo salsa kit. A generous helping of coriander, lime, chilli, garlic and red onion transform our tangy green tomatillos into a salsa with a kick. Enjoy with nachos, tortilla chips or grilled meats.

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Tomatillo salsa kit
£ 4.45

no strings attached

Our lean, green organic French beans are crunchy, stringless and super tasty. Eat them raw as finger food, toss into a classic salad niçoise or steam until tender and drizzle with a mustard vinaigrette. read more

French beans 300g
£ 2.75

organic French beans


spanish chorizo

Browse our new Spanish charcuterie range. The organic chorizo is wonderfully moreish, seasoned with oregano, garlic and a spicy punch of paprika. Great for pizza, paella, salads and snacking. read more

Chorizo 100g
£ 2.99

organic chorizo