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We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987, choosing varieties for flavour and looking after our soil, wildlife and birds. Every day we pick, pack and deliver the very best from our fields straight to your door. Make the most of your free delivery with organic milk, eggs, meat and more alongside, from your friendly local veg team.

organic veg straight from the farm, like having an allotment without the digging.

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organic recipe boxes

recipe boxes

Cook organic meals from scratch,
without the fuss

organic veg boxes, order online, delivered for free

veg boxes

Organic veg boxes - a seasonal surprise every week.

organic salad boxes

fruit & salad boxes

Freshly picked fruit and
seasonal organic salad.

organic meat boxes, order online

meat boxes

Organic grass fed meat
delivered from British farmers.

or make your own

organic veg


Seasonal organic
vegetables grown
for flavour.

organic fruit, order online, delivered for free


Fresh fruit from our
farms and growers

organic meat delivery


Organic meat from the
Riverford butchery.

organic dairy delivery


Organic milk, eggs,
cheese online and more.

recipes from our kitchen


bergamot lemon curd

thursday 28th january 2016

braised chard with garlic and lemon

thursday 28th january 2016

beet borscht with horseradish yoghurt

thursday 28th january 2016

chilled spinach, yoghurt and mint soup

thursday 28th january 2016

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Many of us eat more meat than is good for us and for the planet. So what to do about it? We think that by going vegetarian for a day or more a week can bring many benefits. Visit our #dropaday hub to explore our vibrant veggie recipes, enter our competition and take our pledge to eat a little less meat.