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organic vegboxes

organic vegboxes, meat & more

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currant affairs

organic blackcurrants

Tart and juicy homegrown organic blackcurrants, ready now.

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Blackcurrants 125g
£ 2.45

sun-ripened tomatoes

organic tomatoes

Sweet, sun-ripened organic tomatoes. Grown for flavour.

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Tomatoes 480g
£ 2.60

BBQs wrapped up

organic bbq range

From our homemade burgers to High Weald halloumi cheese, freshly picked veg and salads to organic drinks. Everything you need for the best BBQ ever.

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no strings attached

Our lean, green organic French beans are crunchy, stringless and super tasty. Eat them raw as finger food, toss into a classic salad niçoise or steam until tender and drizzle with a mustard vinaigrette. read more

French beans 300g
£ 2.75

organic French beans


spanish chorizo

Browse our new Spanish charcuterie range. The organic chorizo is wonderfully moreish, seasoned with oregano, garlic and a spicy punch of paprika. Great for pizza, paella, salads and snacking. read more

Chorizo 100g
£ 2.99

organic chorizo