fresh from our fields this week

We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987 and offer a whole range of veg, fruit, meat and more, fresh from our farm. Everything we grow and sell is organic. Choose from the pick of this week’s crops, grown for flavour.

organic UK blueberries

british blueberries

Little berries with a serious punch – sweet and slightly tangy.

Blueberries 125g
organic recipe box

recipe boxes

Packed with all you need to make 3 organic meals.

vegetarian recipe box
organic padron peppers

padron roulette

Padron peppers 400g

Some are hot, some are not! Guy’s famous padron peppers are here. Fry until blistering, add sea salt and cold beer.

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organic cherry tomatoes

homegrown cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes 250g

Cherry tomatoes grown here at Riverford. Chosen for intense flavour, sweet and full of juice.

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organic chicken thighs

organic chicken thighs

4 x Chicken thighs 600g avg

BBQs, quick meals, picnics – a brilliant cut for summer. Delivered in insulated packaging to keep cool on your doorstep.

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Many of the little jobs you do when cooking from scratch can really appeal to children, and can help instil a lifelong interest in cooking and eating good food. However, the handing down of cooking skills seems to be declining. To celebrate the fun to be had, we want you to share images and videos of you cooking with your kids (or nephews, nieces, grandchildren!) over the summer holidays, along with any tips you might have to really get them stuck in. Visit www.riverford.co.uk/cooktogether to join in - there’s a chance to win a super family holiday if you do!



friday 24th july 2015

warm beetroot & coconut relish

friday 24th july 2015

green bean & hazelnut pilaf

friday 24th july 2015